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James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Digital Command Control

Wells Green TMD has been converted to DCC using the Lenz system, being controlled using a Set 100, which has not only made operation of a depot layout easier, but has enabled me to progressively introduce sound to the layout.

On-board sound was the real reason I became involved in DCC rather than seeking greater levels of prototypical operation - after all, the lengths of my DC isolating sections meant that locos could be 'buffered up' easily with no unrealistic 'gaps' when stabling locos as many conventional DC-powered depot layouts were accused of.

Since most websites devoted to DCC-powered model railways have a traditional 'DCC' page, naturally I decided to follow the herd. At this point there is normally lots of technical information listed, perhaps if it is a really good site there may even have been photos of the owner's equipment. Because of this, there is little point in me reiterating the technical specification of the LH100 etc etc etc!

Personally, I find most forms of electrics and electronics rather boring - for me they are certainly the bad bits that get in the way of creating a good layout! Having read several pages of the Lenz handbook before nodding off, I've found it easier to simply have a play with the controller and see what I can do with my locos!

Therefore if you are looking for any electrical guidance on DCC, please don't ask me! Have a look at my Links page for some of the more knowledgeable DCC wizards who will be better at answering any queries!