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Copyright © 2005-2012
James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Locomotive Fleet

All locomotives running on Wells Green TMD are my own work, detailed to the highest level possible, attempting to represent their real life counterparts in every possible way. Locomotives displayed without a picture are generally part-way through the construction process, and still gathering dust on my workbench!

Class 08

IEMD 01 EWS Black Hornby

Class 31

31452 "MINOTAUR" Fragonset Hornby *DCC Sound*

Class 37

37886 "Sir Dyfed / County of Dyfed" EW&S Bachmann *DCC Sound*

Class 47

47712 "ARTEMIS" FM Rail Blue Pullman Heljan
47767 "Mappa Mundi" EWS Heljan
47781 "Isle of Iona" RES Heljan
47790 "Saint David / Dewi Sant" RES Heljan
47807 "The Lion of Vienna" Virgin Heljan
47810 "Porterbrook" Virgin Heljan
47831 "Bolton Wanderer" Virgin Heljan
47851 "Traction Magazine" BR Green Heljan

Class 56

56033 "Shotton Paper Mill" Transrail Hornby *DCC Sound*

Class 60

60017 "Shotton Works Centenary Year 1996" EW&S Hornby
60028 "John Flamsteed" Triple Grey Unbranded Hornby
60029 "Clitheroe Castle / Castle Cement" EWS Hornby
60038 Loadhaul Hornby
60045 "The Permanent Way Institution" EWS Remotored Lima

Class 66

66006 EWS Bachmann
66008 EWS Bachmann
66010 EWS Bachmann *DCC Sound*
66042 "Lafarge Buddon Wood" EWS Bachmann
66076 EWS Bachmann
66241 EWS Bachmann
66411 "Eddie The Engine" DRS Stobart Bachmann
66540 "Ruby (Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!)" Freightliner Bachmann *DCC Sound*
66555 Freightliner Bachmann
66951 Freightliner Bachmann *DCC Sound*

Class 67

67029 EWS Executive Silver Lima

Class 86

86228 "Vulcan Heritage" Intercity Remotored Hornby
86231 "Starlight Express" Virgin Remotored Hornby
86901 Network Rail Hornby
86902 Network Rail Hornby

Class 87

87022 "Lew Adams - The Black Prince " Virgin Trains Remotored Lima
87029 "Earl Marischal " Virgin Trains Remotored Lima
87031 "Hal O' The Wynd " Virgin Trains Remotored Lima

Class 90

90002 "Mission:Impossible" Virgin Remotored Hornby
90009 "The Economist" Virgin Remotored Hornby
90018 EWS Hornby
90022 "Freightconnection" Railfreight Distribution Remotored Hornby
90027 "Allerton T & RS Depot Quality Approved" Trainload Distribution Remotored Hornby
90030 "Crewe Locomotive Works" EWS Remotored Hornby
90031 "The Railway Children Partnership" EWS Remotored Hornby
90034 EWS Hornby
90035 EWS Hornby
90040 "The Railway Mission" EWS Remotored Hornby

Class 92

92026 "Britten" Triple Grey with EWS Logo Hornby
92028 "Saint Saens" SNCF Triple Grey Remotored Hornby
92029 "Dante" BR Triple Grey Remotored Hornby
92035 "Mendelssohn" BR Triple Grey Remotored Hornby

Class 158

158841 Ginsters Bachmann

Class 220

220022 "Brighton Voyager" Virgin Bachmann

Class 377

377207   Southern Scratchbuilt


SNCF-branded 92028 "Saint Saens"