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Wells Green TMD

Visitors Stock

04/06/05 - Pete Hollman's 66204 was the first 'guest' locomotive to appear on Wells Green TMD at DEMU Showcase.

And below is the real 66204, seen by Pete at Kensington Olympia, whilst out taking reference photos for the new Loftus Road layout, on 11th May 2005.

04/06/05 - Also at DEMU Showcase, Andy Gautrey's Class 84 loadbank ADB968021 made an appearance on Wells Green TMD at the end of the day, seen here posed next to the current loadbank locos, 86901 & 86902.

Class 84 photographs courtesy of Andy Gautrey.

14/01/06 - John Holmes' Bachmann EE Type 3 D6826 in British Railways green livery made a guest appearance on Wells Green TMD during the Bognor Regis MRC exhibition.

D6826 stabled next to Wells Green TMD's resident 37886 Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed. It is interesting to note the BR Green locomotive's accurate roof profile, compared against 37886 which utilised the laughable Bachmann Class 37/4 as a donor model.

15/01/06 - And on the second day of the Bognor exhibition, John Holmes brought along his colourful Bachmann 37429 in Regional Railways livery.

25/02/06 - Visiting from David Wright's 'Hollybrook' layout was this Malcolm Logistics class 66, no 66405, appearing at the Model Rail Scotland exhibition. See the links page for more about David's website.

08/04/06 - John Holmes came along to operate the layout at Trainwest, Chippenham and brought along his Bachmann 37431 'Bullidae' with him.

09/04/06 - Also at Trainwest, Pete Hollman came along and brought a few treats with him, including this Athern switcher in Yeoman aggregates livery.

More of Pete Hollman's stock made a guest appearance on Wells Green TMD, including a repainted Hornby class 90, as 90130 'Fretconnection' in the SNCF livery.

As well as this, Pete's EWS 66227 made its exhibition debut at Trainwest, performing excellently, and in use throughout the whole day.

20/05/06 - At the Roding Valley MRG show in Leytonstone, Tim Easter's 60008 GYPSUM QUEEN II made a brief guest appearance. Based on the Hornby offering, Tim's model is yet to feature bodyside numbers and weathering, but it's nice to have a change from the regular sea of maroon and gold locos!

22/10/06 - Dave Kent's kit-built E5001 (Class 71) makes a welcome change from the more modern AC electrics appearing on Wells Green TMD during the SRP Fair, Worthing.

11/11/06 - Pete Hollman's superb 60083 Mountsorrel and Lima 67030 made guest appearances on the layout. 67030 was all the more rare seeing as Pete is hoping to super-detail the locomotive soon.

12/11/06 - John Holmes kindly brought along his Bachmann English Electric type 4 D368 to run on Wells Green TMD, and this lovely original condition Bachmann Class 20, without yellow warning panels.

03/02/07 - James Rann took his superb Bachmann Southern Class 171 along to run on Wells Green TMD at the Alton MRG show.

In addition to this, Peter Denton's Hornby 70013 Oliver Cromwell made a guest appearance on the layout later that day.

16/02/07 - Dave Kent's new Hornby electro-diesel E6003 (later Class 73) graces the rails of Wells Green TMD on the Friday of Brighton Modelworld 2007.

18/02/07 - John Lewry's detailed Lima 47807 in Porterbrook livery made a surprise visit to the layout on the Sunday at Brighton, and was looking very much at home amongst all the other privatised liveries!

24/02/07 - Dave Bateman's Bachmann 'Pannier Tank' no.5775 made a guest appearance on the layout during the Carshalton & Sutton MRC's Leatherhead show, contrasting somewhat with the EWS Class 37 next to it!

25/02/07 - Operator Pete Hollman brought along a number of locomotives for use on Wells Green TMD, including a partially renumbered 66158 - the Bachmann DCC Sound fitted locomotive. Here you can see an extremely rare photograph of the machine, which will gain its numbers as soon as Pete can buy some more transfers!

Here are all four of Pete's visiting locos - 66204, 66158, 60083 Mountsorrel and 66227.

14/04/07 - At the Crawley MRS show in Horsham, West Sussex, Martin Browning brought along his new DCC-fitted Bachmann Class 57, no. 57010 Freightliner Crusader. This then became the first '57' to be operated on Wells Green TMD in DCC mode.

15/04/07 - On the Sunday at Horsham, operator Pete Hollman brought along his latest detailed model, EWS' 66158 which features DCC sound by Bachmann.

Pete also purchased a DRS class 66, the latest 66407 release from Bachmann - however this has the new 21-pin decoder socket, so either there is a wait for the next batch of 21-pin to 8-pin DCC converters or the decoder has to be hard wired in!

Operator Chris Sweeney brought along a nice trio of locomotives to the show, the first to run being a Heljan model of 'Crompton' 33025 Sultan in BR Blue, complete with white roof.

Chris's other models were both Heljan Class 57s, with 57310 in red & silver Virgin 'Thunderbird' livery, and 57604 Pendennis Castle, which seemed to fit in quite nicely!

05/05/07 - At the DEMU TVAG show Andi Dell kindly let me play with his model of 86246 Royal Anglian Regiment, yes, that's the one with the DCC-operated raising and lowering pantograph! As you can expect, we had much fun using this feature and it attracted much attention on the layout - though I'm not sure I will be able to upgrade all my 86s, 90s and 92s to match!

Here's a long exposure photograph of 86246's pantograph in action:

We also had one of the most unusual locomotives, from none other than D&E enthusiast and operator Pete Hollman! 92220 Evening Star is one of the latest Bachmann '9F's, and Pete likes the loco so much we're thinking how we could use it on a railtour on the club's Loftus Road layout!

Martin Browning brought along a couple of his locomotives to make guest appearances on the layout, firstly in the form of a Hornby 59005 KENNETH J PAINTER in revised Yeoman livery...

...and secondly the ARC 59102 Village of Chantry which definitely looks rather striking!

28/07/07 - There were quite a few notable pieces of visiting stock to grace the rails of Wells Green TMD at the Lydd Rail 10th Anniversary show, including Jim Smith-Wright's lovely 87009 City of Birmingham - which is gauged to P4(!)...

...as well as Sean Williams' truly astonishing departmental Class 150 - which is an extremely rebuilt Dapol model, not only featuring a staggering amount of detail but with a top quality paint and weathering finish too!

Mark Waters' 08460 also spent a long time shunting in the yard at Wells Green TMD. Mark's model features some rather impressive DCC lighting and definitely looked at home on the layout! Not shown is the pair of GNER class 43 HST Power Cars that were also running, complete with soundchips fitted!

Michel van den Hof kindly brought his model of 40445, a class 40 in BR Large Logo blue livery - which does look extremely impressive in the colour scheme!


04/08/07 - At the West Wittering show, John Holmes brought along his brand new Bachmann Brush Type 4, D1500 in two-tone BR Green. The lighting on the front headcode panel was quite nice to look at!

Pete Hollman also brought along a few goodies, in the form of Hornby grey 60077 Canisp making a debut appearance on Wells Green TMD before renumbering - if he can make his mind up on whether to go for a BR sector livery or a big yellow EWS sticker plastered over the side! Bachmann's 66407 can also be seen tucked away next to the 'tug' in the shed.

Pete's Hornby '08' was also given the role of yard shunter on the day, and the loco coped remarkably well despite the tight insulfrog pointwork on the layout - Wells Green will one day get it's own dedicated loco based on one of the prototype '08's allocated to Crewe IEMD.

The rather nice Heljan Class 33/1 in Fragonset livery also appeared on the layout for the first time, another one of Pete's diverse fleet! His 9F 2-10-0 steam locomotive 92220 'Evening Star' also appeared as well, so it was safe to say we had quite a lot of fun seeing how many new 'guest' locomotives we could get on the layout that day!


30/12/07 - The SRP fair in Worthing, West Sussex offered the opportunity to run a number of 'visiting' locos from Pete Hollman and Chris Sweeney.

This Bachmann model of EWS's 37411 belongs to Pete Hollman, and is fitted with the latest version of the ESU Loksound decoder by South West Digital.

Chris Sweeney's Heljan 58014 Didcot Power Station in Trainload Coal livery made its debut appearance on Wells Green TMD at the show.

Pete Hollman's BR Blue sound-fitted Bachmann '20' 20129 arrived 'on shed', at Wells Green, along with the latest Hornby 56059, which is rather stunning!

Meanwhile, here is a comparison of Pete's low-geared Class 66/6, 66610 (featuring DCC sound) and my reduced emissions Class 66/9, 66951 in the background.

29/03/08 - The London Festival of Railway Modelling held at the Alexandra Palace brought a few opportunities for visiting locomotives, and here you can see Chris Sweeney's new purchase - a Hornby version of the ex-Lima Class 73, in the guise of 73129 City of Winchester, in revised Network SouthEast livery.

30/03/08 - On the Sunday, at the 'Ally Pally' Nigel Burkin popped round from his nearby demo stand and offered up his two lovely weathered diesels to run on the layout! Fitted with full DCC sound and lights, they are truly stunning, and look strangely at home on Wells Green TMD!