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Wells Green TMD

Pictures 3

The overhead electrification has seen significant improvement since the layout's debut at DEMU Showcase, and here are a couple of shots showing what has taken place in the most visually 'busy' area of the layout, with both the termination posts and the wiring tensioners on view here. There is still a little bit of work to be done, as visible in the picture below, but this will be done in due course.

66555 stabled at Wells Green TMD for some reason - I haven't got round to bothering to invent an excuse e.g. refuelling - I just like the livery so much I wanted to run it!

The view of the layout from the operators side, with the outermost fence at the top of the picture. In my personal opinion, even though one can't see all the graffiti etc, Wells Green TMD actually looks better from the back than it does from the front!

Bachmann 66's 66008 and 66042 stabled on Wells Green TMD. 66042 has been modelled with a set of wing-mirrors, fitted to EWS's class 66 fleet to aid drivers using the train engine to shunt, rather than employing the services of a class 08 shunter.

Outside the maintenance depot, the rubble of a long-demolished adjacent depot building is gradually obscured by weeds as the years pass by.