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James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Pictures 2

Here's EWS's 47790 Saint David / Dewi Sant stabled next to the West Coast Railway Company's 47851 Traction Magazine.

90030 is on show in front of the murder scene, on the new scenic extension.

A view not normally seen by the average exhibition viewer, this shows the entire scenic part of the layout, with a viewpoint taken as if you were one of the refuse collectors standing on the road above the tunnel entrance, looking down onto the depot.

A couple of class 66s stabled awaiting attention in the reception road.

86901 and 86902, fresh out of the works from conversion, with only a light weathering and with naming yet to take place.

A more in-depth look at the murder scene at the front of Wells Green TMD. The Transit van is fitted with an Express Models lighting kit, which attracts much attention from families with young children at shows!

The Police tent was created using a frame built out of cocktail sticks, covered in tin foil, before being painted white. Believe it or not, the Police 'Do not cross' tape was actually made from tensioned dental floss, with blue paint added to represent the wording. If you get really close, you can actually smell the minty flavour of the floss!

60045 - above - is an old Lima model, which has been re-motored using the mechanism from a Bachmann class 37. Being a steadfast (pardon the class 60 pun!) performer on the layout, it is likely to remain part of the exhibition locomotive roster for some time yet, but the new Hornby example is just superb.

My first Hornby '60' was 60017 - shown below - note the difference in shades of EWS red. 60045's shade was from Phoenix Paints and looks very bright in the natural sunlight, whereas Hornby's is a touch darker.