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Copyright © 2005-2012
James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Night photography

Here are a selection of photographs taken after dark, when the layout takes on a more 'eerie' feel. The awesome blue-white lights are LEDs from Express Models.

There being no deliveries, the yellow lifting entrance to the main workshop buildings is closed and several maintenance guys have a game of pool.

Having a closer peek inside the shed building reveals a fully detailed interior. Here is where light maintenance is carried out - such as the balanced 'B' exams, specialising in electric traction. Tonight, just 90022 Freightconnection is receiving an 'A' exam.

A quiet night at Wells Green, with a solitary fitter taking time out from his duties to gaze into the night.

A view from the ground up, with the high-intensity lighting casting a powerful shadow over the former depot entrance. A new entrance has been created elsewhere on the site, allowing the old gatehouse to fall into a state of disrepair.

Behind the 'Portakabins' you can glimpse the light from the main workshops, where the heavy overhauls take place, dealing in anything more advanced than a 'C' exam. Here, the attention also widens to cover diesel locomotives, hence why many diesels arrive at Wells Green TMD for fueling, whilst undergoing work.

Railfreight Distribution-liveried 90027 ticks over in the yard whilst the bright lights of the boardroom reveal cleaners working late into the evening.

The yellowy glow of the depot highlights the undulating nature of the adjacent land. The area has been modelled to represent a since-demolished part of the works, a reminder of the depot's past, with grass now growing over the rubble and debris.

For the enthusiast, palisade fencing prevents you getting a good photograph of any stabled locomotives, whilst the CCTV cameras in the background record your every move.

Having moved to a higher vantage point, a quick glance reveals little of interest in the depot tonight, better travel back to Crewe station!