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James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Loftus Road - the West London Line in 4mm scale

Loftus Road is the name of Worthing MRC's 4mm scale, '00' gauge layout, based upon the West London Line around Kensington Olympia, featuring a two platform station with double track mainline running through it. We also hope to include a model of the District Line terminus of the London Underground, possibly with some scratchbuilt rolling stock as a later development.

Modelling the West London Line enables us to run a wide variety of trains, both passenger and freight. Passenger traffic ranged from regular suburban 3rd rail services provided by Southern and Silverlink, to Virgin Cross Country services and Eurostar movements to and from their North Pole servicing facilities.

The freight side is extremely varied and includes Channel tunnel intermodal services, Freightliner and Mendip Stone trains, along with infrastructure services and DRS nuclear flask traffic, petroleum and much more!

Overall the layout occupies approximately 22' by 14' and Worthing MRC are taking exhibition bookings for 2011 and beyond, so if you're keen to invite this layout to your show, please do get in touch with either myself or the Worthing MRC committee via the WMRC club website.

The layout is rapidly progressing in terms of the scenic modelling, so here are a selection of the latest pictures to whet your appetite!





Prototype Inspiration

Here are a selection of Pete Hollman's photographs of Kensington Olympia, the station on which 'Loftus Road' is roughly based...

A number of exciting rolling stock projects are about to be undertaken to represent the wide variety of freight trains and electric multiple units that run through Kensington Olympia every single day.