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James Makin
Wells Green TMD

Layout Description

Wells Green TMD is a DCC-powered diesel and electric depot set in Crewe between 2002 - 2006, featuring a range of highly detailed 25kV electric locomotives in an authentic grimy, gritty atmosphere. The depot mainly undertakes routine maintenance to electric locomotives, but also contains a diesel fuelling point enabling many different varieties of locomotive to appear.

Much effort has been put into creating a 'run down' feel to the layout, including hand painted graffiti and heavy weathering to help create that look. Most of the buildings on the layout have been scratchbuilt using card and 'plastikard', so as to make everything unique. Wells Green TMD is also fully lit - with both lights inside the depot buildings, behind the backscene and inside the 'Portakabins'. Built into the backscene is a fully detailed and lit EWS boardroom, even featuring items of Railwayana on the back wall!

The layout features cosmetic 25kV overhead electrification, with gantries being etched brass kits from N Brass Locomotives, and the wires from Sommerfeldt.

Locomotives are mainly Hornby, Bachmann and Heljan. The bulk of the fleet is made up of EWS class 90s, and '92's whilst many other classes are represented, including 37,47,60,66,67,86,90 & 92. All locomotives appearing on the layout have been superdetailed with full bufferbeam pipework and etched grilles where appropriate. Nameplates are from Shawplan and Fox.

EWS's 66241 stabled just outside the main depot building.

Occasionally other 'special' pieces of rolling stock make an appearance, including engineers wagons, a 'Ginsters' class 158, Central Trains 158s and 170s, together with models of preserved, mainline certified locomotives, such as 'Western' D1015 or Fragonset's 45112.

Below: 90027 "Allerton T & R S Depot" waits outside the depot building before being taken inside to receive scheduled attention.