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Wells Green TMD

'Other' Stock

This is the page for locomotives and stock that has been detailed to the same standard as Wells Green TMD's fleet, yet due to the need for an accurate time setting, cannot appear on the layout.

Here's class 50, no. 50021 Rodney, which has been detailed and weathered to represent the machine as it was during October 1987. The model is from Hornby, with Shawplan etched nameplates, which have been 'rusted' to replicate the original poor condition of the prototype before entering preservation.


This is a model of South West Trains' 159004 "Basingstoke and Deane", a Bachmann model, photographed halfway through being weathered, hence the crude hand-brushed weathering above the gangway connection still being visible. I am planning to scratchbuild the new air conditioning units above the doors and various other roof details that Bachmann left off, which would help make the model distinguishable as a class 159, rather than just a repainted class 158.

The model never runs on Wells Green TMD due to it being a three coach set (notwithstanding the fact that the layout is set in Cheshire!), so the '159' is normally found running on Worthing MRC's Northlands Wood layout, coupled up to my detailed model of SWT's 170305.