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Model Rail Magazine September 2005 - Reader to Reader

'Experimental Wales & West Class 158'

Following on from the Class 158 'Masterclass' in MR81, Ben Jones refers to the uniquely liveried Wales & West 158867.

My recreation of this livery in 4mm scale uses a mixture of enamel and cellulose paints, the colours being matched to pictures of the unit. It has been heavily weathered to represent 158867 in Summer 2002, prior to repainting in Wessex Trains silver.

The Alphaline transfers were home-made on a PC using Supercal decal paper and images found on the internet. Numbers from Fox Transfers and Kadee couplings complete the model. The unit can often be found operating on Worthing MRC's 'Northlands Wood' layout, attracting much attention. When running, there are many comments of 'What is that!', so it is satisfying knowing I have created something most unusual!

Article reproduced courtesy of Model Rail Magazine

Text copyright © 2005 James Makin