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On My Workbench Archive, July - August 2008


Monday 25th August 2008

Loftus Road progresses

Work on Worthing MRC's layout Loftus Road has been very swift of late, with much progress on the scenic side of the layout ready for it's first proper showing at the Worthing MRC Exhibition on 13/14 September 2008. The track is fully ballasted, and the layout now has platforms and a few of the key buildings are starting to take shape!

The photograph above shows the view under the bridge from the Southern entrance to Loftus Road, and as can be seen all the cosmetic third rail can be seen in place, along with cable trunking and District line London Underground fourth rail.

This lovely building below was created by Pete Hollman from varying Pikestuff kits, attached together to create the unique building you see before you! I've been given the task of fitting this building out with a proper reception desk and detailed office interior at some point in time!

Although the layout is far from complete, we have made considerable progress since these photographs were taken, and hope to have it looking even more special by the time of the show!

If you are interested in seeing the layout 'in the flesh' at the Worthing MRC Exhibition, it is being held at Boundstone College, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9QZ over the weekend of 13/14 September 2008. More details about the show can be found at the club's newly revamped website.

On My Mp3:ATB - 9pm (Till I Come)


Wednesday 23rd July 2008

A little something!

Well, its been over a month without any website updates, so I'm very sorry folks! Available modelling time has drastically reduced since I started seeing someone special a couple of months back, however all is not lost as I have managed to complete this trio of disgusting but colourful huts for Worthing MRC's super-dooper Loftus Road layout!

There are also three smaller equipment cabinets destined for the layout too - all of these are S-Kits' resin kits which have been simply painted grey, weathered, graffitied and weathered again!

I absolutely love recreating colourful graffiti artwork in model form, and this is all carefully (and lovingly!) hand painted over a number of modelling sessions. Typically it takes 3-4 days to apply all the different layers of paint for each 'mural' to allow adequate paint drying time in between. The trick is to do as the real life 'artists' do and apply the lightest base colours first, then work up to the black outlines at the end of the project. None of those expensive foreign graffiti transfers here!!

For the scribbly graffiti 'tags', these were applied using gel pens and fineline permanent markers of the correct colours, all copied from prototype photographs, though as with all the graffiti I've done there are a few bits I've thought up myself, which have a special meaning!

As you might imagine there is a risk of the gel pen scribbles rubbing off, so a coat of matt varnish is sprayed over the top to seal it all in, followed by some more weathering to tone down the bright colours!

On My Mp3:Vengaboys - We're Going To Ibiza!



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